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Clark & Company - a design studio

I chose myself in February of 2009, after six months of scrambling to get work once I was laid off from an advertising agency in Portland, Ore. Instead of going back to work a full-time gig in-house somewhere, I registered a business name, opened a business account and haven't looked back. Contrary to how I felt at the time, the day I became unemployed was the best day my career could have asked for.

Clark & Company has been in business (in one form or another) since September of 2008. I have a full studio set-up including all equipment and software required to complete design tasks. I was trained in print design, taught myself web design and have ten years of experience as an entrepreneurial designer.

My customer is a business who believes that design works. They hire me and I deliver a design solution that offers clarity through visual communication.

The hard part is finding clients who are ready for the work. The unique part is my personal work patterns and creativity. By setting up process, standards and document templates, I can repeat this again and again.

At this point in my career, it is time for me to make some decisions regarding where I want to go and how I plan to get there. Through this course I hope to establish that direction.


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