I've been feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and just plain lousy a lot lately. I've been worried about so many things, I've started avoiding everything - feeling like the path in front of me is insurmountable. My "Before Image" is just the words "Not Enough" because that's what I've been feeling like I've been doing. 


But this course really helped me work through my thoughts and feelings and find out that just focusing on what values REALLY matter to me the most, I find I feel better about myself and feel more capable of working through these tough feelings and getting to the part where I do some good in this world. 




Now I'm excited because I know that things are going to change. I've realized that I've been stuck in fears that have a lot to do with esteem and self-actualization. Those fears have frozen me and stopped me from, ironically, doing exactly what I need to do to fulfill those needs. But I feel ready to move on and change how I'm living my life. I feel ready to get started on my actions and to head toward my "Life Mission," which, by the way, I am totally in love with. I've been afraid of what people think of me, that I'm not living up to my potential, but when I look at my Life Mission Statement, I see that it's attainable, that it excites me, and that it's a force of good in the world. I figure that if I stop worrying about everything else and just focus on living that Life Mission Statement every day, those fears will go away. Thanks for a great course!



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