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Morgan Whitney




Clara's Yoga Shoot

Pinterest images:


She has a love for the outdoors and state parks. She might be more comfortable doing a shoot outdoors. 


For her yoga goes beyond just the physical body. I will get some shots of her that try to convey the mind over the body.


Maybe she is working towards some more extreme backbends. I will talk to her about using the wall for support in some of our shots to help get her into these poses. 


Perhaps she would also like some simpler poses. We can also incorporate doing poses on some elevated surfaces. 


A lot of her images show a woman wearing a sports bra or other interesting yoga wear. I anticipate that she will be really comfortable in her body and will ask her what she wants to wear and try to gauge her comfort level in her body during our shoot. 

Photoshoot images:


An image of Clara using the wall to help progress her backbend to a deeper and more visually interesting pose.


A photo of Clara using her surroundings as an added challenge. She was up for anything! It also shows this pose from an angle you wouldn't be able to see if she was doing it on the ground. 


This is an image that really shows the shape of the body with the help of the background. She asked me if she should put her hair up and we tried some shots like that, but I feel her free-spirited energy comes through better with her hair down. Plus it was windy! Bonus! 


Here is a portrait I shot that I really think represents Clara so well. She seems incredibly in the moment and enjoying the wind blowing the hair across her face as she stands is solidity. 


Although we took these photos in a very urban setting, I tried to incorporate some of the natural earth in our images as I know Clara love the outdoors, hiking and biking. 

Overall her Pinterest page gave me some insight to her adventurous and mindful spirit. We talked about how she will use these images for some promotional pieces and for her portfolio. Getting to know Clara both on the yoga mat and off really helped me to see that she could handle my sarcastic sense of humor and being playful on the shoot helped her to gain confidence in both of us working together. 


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