Clara learns Copplerplate Calligraphy - the early years ;)

Hello internet! 

I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Germany and this is the first time I am trying out Calligraphy. It's exciting! I really love Molly's work and some of the student projects on here are really really amazing - great work, guys!

Before I started, I cleaned the old nibs I inherited from my grandfather and that I have used for drawing. I did not take good care of my tools in the past, I'm afraid.

Here is a helpful tip: When you are scrubbing an old nib, be CAREFUL! I accidentally gave myself a tattoo this way: I stabbed my finger with a nib that had ink on it. Did not hurt horribly, but I keep thinking of that episode of House MD where die mysterious infection was eventually traced back to an old tattoo..ugh

update: 4. April

I had ordered nibs, ink and paper from http://scribblers.co.uk/ (since the shop Molly recommended is far away and shipping from the US was about as expensive as all the stuff I wanted to buy) and having the right tools makes a world of a difference. 

With copier paper, old nibs and the wrong ink, my writing was scratchy and uneven and not very good. With layout bond and new nibs and water soluble ink it's like cutting through butter. It's still not very good, but working at it is now a lot more fun :)


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