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Clara Oswald (Update)

April 19th, long time no see?

So, this easter I've been drawing a little. I got to work on my realistic drawing. :) Still no break from school though. I did not go home this year for Easter, because of school. Bleh. But I got a visit from a friend, so we got to draw a lot.

And I also finally bought pencil eraser! You know, the pencils that erase stuff when you draw with it. :D So much fun! 

Have a nice Easter everyone! 

- Renate 

February 12th, drawing number 2?

So I did another sketch of the same actor, Jenna Coleman. The day I printed out the refrence for my previous drawing, I also printed out two other refrences of the same woman. So I randomly did this sketch of her today, since I already had the printed refrence of her. I might finish this one as well. :) This time, there will be a challenge with her teeth.

- Renate

January 23rd, finished pencil portrait:

Here's my finished drawing. :)

Check it out on deviantart for bigger view! : Click Here! 

Or check it out on tumblr ! :D

I had to cut my poor eraser for the details (highlights in hair etc).

Although my 8B is so short, I've never gotten to use it. It's so soft that it breaks the moment I use it. :| Stupid pencil, lol. 

Closer Details. :)

Hope you enjoy it! I think I will start doing more pencils portraits/realistic drawings from now on. I've mostly only used my time on drawing cartoon/manga, but I haven't been inspired to draw in a while. This really helped me to get back on my drawing hands again. Thank you, Gabrielle! :D 

- Renate


January 15th, update:

Currently working on the hair. I can't make it 100% right, but trying to at least make it look like hair. In the end, I will finish up the hair with using eraser. I do not have a pencil eraser, just regular. So maybe I'll cut the eraser so I can thin lines. :) I feel like the darker areas should be darker, but my black colouring pencil won't make it darker. xD 

She kind of looks like Ro from Nerdy Nummies.

- Renate


January 12th:

Hi everyone! My name is Renate, and I'm a 20 year old girl from Norway. :) (Will be 21 by January 31st.) I'm a full-time student, currently studying my second year in Animation (Bachelor Degree).

For this project, I've chosen to draw Clara from Dr.Who. 

This is my process so far:

Used a light table to redraw it from sketch to a new paper, and then adjust/fix the eyes.

It was really helpful to watch the video on how to sketch. It helped me to start on a sketch where the face was properly put together. :) It's so inspiring to watch the other videoes, it gets me inspired to draw!

- Renate


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