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Lettering and Watercolor Artist



Clap Once Clap Twice

Well I was anticipating this class and working on a special project. I just wanted to capture the harmony.  When an expression moves you just go with it.  

The phrase is clap once clap twice. 

I had trouble expressing a soft tone and loud tone. I am working on looking at different lettering examples.

This is my first doodle: sweet and soft spoken as one would when speaking with children.


I created these two hearts to represent a harmony. Harmony is more the phrase I want to convey.  


I wasn't happy with this at all-but I did love the C.

I re-created  the wash.  I am learning to write with acrylic paint.


Okay back to the drawing board I take that back, I am for some reason liking  the swirl colors here but not the overall way in which I wanted to convey this message.

Mood Board

I will post my sketch process later but here are some pictures I came up with.

I write words that express what I want to say: harmony, balance, peace, love, class rules, nsync,


I like the ripped colors hear and somehow like the commbining colors in the watercolor wash I was going for. 

What tone is this? Warm and peacful? Doesn't exactly say it in a hush tone?


I am loving this shape and maybe I can play around with this shape and add more of a heart-I do love hearts.  This seems more spa like and serene. Thihs is more of a relaxed tone.


Oh I love the color and its so beautiful and the monochromatic shades here are blue

Some more exploring!


I had a better idea for the type layout but here it is. I had my moment whre I feel discouraged and wasn't really sure to convey my em

 I believe in my ideas but the execution of these ideas are at times a struggle.  I am learning. I'm glad that I tried and proud of my work. I have learned that it takes time to create a piece and several iterations. Even then you might have to abandon an idea only to come up with a new one that makes more sense. I believe this class has helped me grow and that I am an artist who needs lots of work-but an artist I am. 

Oh here is an idea that I came up with-the idea I love most of all. I was teaching again and got to thinking how kids like to jump rope-harmony. Everyone has to work together to jump rope-two people holding the rope and the person doing the jumping.



The H is all wrong.

I kept thinking about the phrase and it lead me to a few other sketches. What I love most about this is that its simple, playful and harmony- the emotion I felt in the classroom that day! I believe that people reading this can resonate with it more than the clap once.

What are your thoughts?

Maybe I should roll this project on over to the new session and contiune with the new idea?

This is the third somewhat loud version. I am liking the Clap layout and maybe I can add some swirls to make it not so lound and kid appropriate. I want the tone to get attention.



I love the coloring and the swirls here!  The block lettering and some swirls need work  I just placed myself in the classroom setting and drew until this emerged. Thanks Mete. I now have two projects that I can work on.


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