Clandidatos job offer notifications

Clandidatos job offer notifications - student project

My name is Pedro, I got laid-off in August.

When I started to think about using online jobsites to look for another job, I reminded how much of a hassle it was to use them. You know, job searching in spain is getting to be a pretty competitive busyness these days. And some of the biggest jobsites do things which are not very user-friendly.

Some of these things are:

.- The date of job offers is constantly updated: That means that a company places a job offer on Tuesday and the offer date says Tuesday, but on Wednesday, the offer says that it was published on wednesday. As a result, you cannot know which offers are new, because all of them have a published date of today... yes, its incredible, but true.

.- Job alerts don't work: Another incredible thing, but there it goes. They only alert you from a sample of the new offers, and they do it late. Getting an early alert is increasingly important in a recessive market such as Spain's. There are many job offers that receive more than 150 applicants in the first hour! 

So, I decided to make a tool that would do the jobsearch for me, crawling the major jobsites and warning me immediately if something new was found, and... it worked! In fact, many of my relatives and friends, many of them also unemployed, wanted to have access to the tool. So we decided to do a public website offering this service.

Right now, we are ready to show our project to the world, but we are new to all this SEO, SEM, etc.. stuff. So this is why I enrolled this class, I hope we can make a lot of users and help other jobseekers while making some profit that helps us get an economically sustainable life!