Claire's Style Exploration

Claire's Style Exploration - student project

Exploration of the four quadrants!

This project was SO FUN! I have taken several "find your style" classes, and just as Yannan says, none of them really offer any tools to help find your style. This was so helpful.

Quadrant 1: This is definitely my most comfortable quadrant, and a lot of the artists I draw inspiration from fall into this one. I used 25 layers, all organized in a tidy manner (just like Yannan says in the video!).

Quadrant 2: I had a lot of fun with this one. It's definitely a style I would like to explore more. I used ONE layer, which was a FAR stretch from my typical method, but I really like how loose and painterly it turned out. If I allow myself a couple of additional layers, I could use some multiply and overlay blend modes, but I am quite pleased with how it came out. I will definitely explore this one more.

Quadrant 3: Fastest, quickest, also my least favorite. I like my line art. What can I say?

Quadrant 4: This one was fun. I have a hard time with "inking" so I tried it out for this. It was definitely quicker than Q1 and I really like the result. I just realized I didn't paint her earrings. Whoops! Anyway, I do like the cartoony style of this one.

Claire's Style Exploration - image 1 - student project

Conclusion: Q1 and 4 are my most comfortable. Q2 I want to explore more. Q3 is definitely NOT my style.

Claire L. Fishback
Author rediscovering my passion for art!