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Desna Tural





Let me introduce you a part of me. I called her Claire, and she is:

1. pensive (I mean: someone who overthink)
2. gluttonuous
3. a bit clumsy

Initially I draw something more close to my shape - I'm tall with wide hips, I'm a gigantic pear basically - but it doesn't express the "pensive" side, so I tried to focus more on the "brain" part. 


In the second sketch the irregularity of the shape represents better the clumsiness because it has a lot of corners, but they are soft and rounded so they reminds me a chubby sweet lover as well. 


Unfortunately that square shape doesn't give me many chance to animate it if I would, and it looks too much like a sponge. Also, I don't want to represent just a specific moment, a fleeting action - with the arms in that position - even if it makes the "pensive" attribute more clear.
I want to express a state of mind that is almost constant, an overthinking approach to life, and this is the result. 


The arms behind the body could be the most common position for this caracter.
However, maybe she's just hiding some chocolate bars.


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