Claire Chi

Claire Chi - student project

Hello! My name is Claire and I'm a Canadian artist living in the Netherlands. I have been creating detailed pen & ink geometric artwork for a few years. I spent years (and still am) working a full-time job while working on art on the side. Last year I hit a major bump in the road, and after a combination of burning out, a really bad business deal, and general life events, I dropped everything and promised myself that I would never draw ever again. I realized after over a year of not drawing that I wasn't happy. So just recently I picked up my pen and paper again and I feel more motivated than ever before!

I've managed to find "my style", something that I think makes me at least a bit distinguishable, but I've really been struggling with my branding, and finding some type of coherence in how I present myself. So this class has been amazingly helpful for this and so many other reasons!  

My goal now is to develop my brand and to continue developing my business so that in about half a year, I can leave my full-time job (or at least part of it) to work even more on what I love.


If anyone is interested in checking out the rest of my work, I can be found here :) Thank you and good luck with your journey!


Website: https://www.claritychiart.comClaire Chi - image 1 - student project