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Paige Lehmann

"A dream is a wish your heart makes."



Claire's Things & Feathers (at the end)


I started writing this little story and illustrating it as I go, just as a creative project to do. Maybe I'll give it to my mom for Christmas, maybe to friends, maybe nothing, haha. The important thing is art is done. 

This little taxonomy was about a character/patient named Claire. I decided to just incorporate the skillshare project into the story, which was nice because I wanted draw *real* things, and not do the whole project from my imagination. It was a nice relief and helps me become a better drawer. 

Claire is Catholic and has a deep faith that's exemplified by all the milion little trinkets that mean Catholic faith: prayer cards, ornaments, rosaries, little altars, miracle medals, etc. She's also an artist, living in the hospital. She's also dying of cancer. 

I just gathered a bunch of the Catholic-like items around my desk. The same with art materials. And, finally, medical equipment that I happened to have on hand. 

First I chose this cool Sacred Heart belt buckle that I got at an estate sale. 


Next, a prayer card that I inherited from a friend's mom, when she passed away. I got, like, 300 of them from her, from her travels around the world and through Italy. 



This weird ornament made it on there, too. Estate sale find. It seemed too big and complex and was taking up way too much of the composition, but I worked with it and everything filled out in the end. 


Then medical supplies, and art supplies. 




Finally, I added the story. A dream she had, of seeing her family on the beach. They all got into the water and urged her to go, too, but the beach was too steep, and she couldn't get in, and they all swam away. 


I also added her arm with an IV. I finally put one in 100% correctly, so I put one in the drawing, too. It makes sense with the story/her sleeping, so it works. 


For the second project: coloring. 

I have all of these feathers, so I decided to draw them. 



And then I added some fake names (in the thick pen) and all of the thin writing is real bird names, which are crazy! List below. And... done! Thanks for the great class. 


Non-fictitious bird names: 

Golden Crowned Kinglet

White Fronted Bee Eater

Northern Fulmar

Common Merganser

Olive Sided Fly Catcher 

Townsend's Solitaire 

The Magnificent Frigate Bird

Horned Lark 

Black Pheobe 

Vermillion Flycatcher 

Yellow-Winged Cacique 

Great Spotted Cuckoo

The Streamer-Tailed Tyrant 

Superb Starling 

Speckled Mousebird 

Orange Breasted Bunting 

The Roseate Spoonbill 

European Roller 

Dick Cissel 

Trumpeter Swan 

The Western Meadow Lark 

Trumpeter Swan 

Fictitious ones: 

Louisiana Beach Breasted Sugar Lark 

Sea Fog Sugar Lark 

Eventide Warbler 

Laruel-Wrested Warbler 


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