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New Cover.A wonderful reader was inspired by my story and created this for me.

Target Audience: Primarily female audience. Story contains mature themes with mystery and supernatural elements.

Official Blurb:

Maya is not a normal she-wolf. Normal she-wolves live among their kind. Normal she-wolves are given their birthright.

With many things lacking in her life Maya remains steadfast with the moon and her loved ones ,although distant, to guide her. Unexpectedly, she is granted the opportunity to be claimed. A practice in which she is to be chosen at The Gathering as a mate to a fellow male wolf.

Though the circumstances of her exile remain a mystery, Maya is given a chance to prove and reflect on what her life has become and maybe the implications of her apparent betrayal are as much a mystery as her mate, Beta Gideon.


Chapter 9

"Maya." Olivia called me. I sighed and stood up from my position on the ground and faced the three others in the room.

I was bare before them. I came with nothing to offer but my willingness to give them my respect.

"We will be departing soon, I can send someone to fetch your things."She asked hesitantly.

"There is no need. I have nothing."

It became quiet. I didn't mean for my words to make them uncomfortable, it was the truth.

"Well at least you can start fresh, Goddess knows you need to." She quickly supplied.

I merely nodded not quite as involved in the conversation.

My wolf was disgruntled to say the least. She was weary from all the healing. She was always on guard, a side effect of past experiences.

I didn't know if I was ready to leave but I trusted the Goddess' wisdom. I wouldn't be on this path without her.

I jumped when I felt the same rush of wind from the arena. Just like the first time I felt him.

I stepped forward.His proximity made me nervous. It was no fault of his and at sometime I will have to get used to being close but not now, just not now.

I stepped through the doors of the entrance. The sun was in the process of setting. I felt some comfort in that the moon would soon join me.

"The drive to the territory should be roughly ten to twelve hours." Eric mentioned.

My bare feet squished the ground, my wolf wished to run. I was familiar with the notion that human technology played a part in our lives it was a hindrance for me now.

If we had shifted I didn't know if I would be able to control her. I doubt any of them would consider my method. It was the one my father suggested as punishment for indiscipline. A knife or claw if available through the rib cage, it helped disorient the wolf without too much damage to the human form.

I stopped them abruptly, " I need to say goodbye to a few others."

" I am sure Gideon would love to accompany you." Olivia suggested cheerfully. "Eric and I shall speak to the elders."

"The men could talk to the elders, you know he isn't the most welcoming, Olivia." Eric said the last part a bit lower but I knew they spoke of Gideon.

I looked at him and he was already staring at me with the same resolute expression he had worn previously.

We were studying each other openly.

He stood rigid, as if at attention, but his arms were crossed over his chest. He was so still I wondered how he moved so quickly and undetected to most. I had caught him but without the most common senses attributed to a werewolf.

His face gave away nothing.

I stopped staring when someone cleared their throat. I looked away towards Olivia.

"We will leave you two for now. Gideon meet us at our stop." She smiled.

He nodded towards her in response. Eric chuckled, " You conniving woman!"

She glared at him and dragged him off. Vehemently, whispering to him.

I turned to Gideon but he just stood there. It didn't take long for me to catch the attention of just the people I wished to see.

"Maya!", they screamed. I smiled brightly.

They ran bumping each other into my open arms. I knelt to their level as they were shorter than normal for eight year old boys.

They both had curly mops of hair that unruly on their heads. A trait inherited from their blessed mother.

When they were in my company we would talk about her. They understood pretty well that their real mother wasn't present but they took delight in how I explained that she loved them each day that I could be with them.

They quickly laid down on the grass beckoning me to join them. I followed suit and allowed them comb their fingers through my long hair.

I sighed softly knowing this was the last time hopefully they would pick up a special activity with Madison.

"A mother's love is like no other. It has no bounds and is cemented in your soul forever. That is how much your mother loves you. Can you feel it boys?"

They nodded still playing with my hair.

"She will be the most constant person in your life." Unlike myself I thought.

It was true a mother remained the constant. Never changing to accommodate herself but others. Though at times it meant paying the ultimate sacrifice, like a warrior even if they weren't recognized like one. These were the traits that my pack, soon to be former pack did not appreciate in us.

We were to be judged by things that did not necessarily determine character or earn the type of respect that was meaningful, useful.

My body was once a temple, then turned shit-hole.

I was no fool to the misgivings of  long lived traditions but it was not my place to retaliate merely because I had been shunned. A vengeful nature was all-consuming and the worst thing a wolf could ever do was lose control over the line between tradition and tyranny.

"Let us find your father, boys."

Tom held my hand while Jack approached Gideon.

Gideon held his hand without protest. For someone so stiff I wondered how he had managed to accommodate the whims of the children.

Tom led the way but I couldn't help but notice how quiet it had become. My wolf could sense the unease of others. Tom and Jack were oblivious having not yet acquired their wolves.

"Ben." I called.

He turned towards me but his smile quickly faltered. While Madison shrunk back in fear. I was glad he accepted her but could not understand their behavior.

"Boys, I suggest you step away. Maya, I would advise the same."

It was Gideon's presence that was unnerving everyone. He was harmless to me. I was sure he would never harm them unless under threat. The Pits were a different place and this wasn't it. I took a quick glance at him, but he seemed indifferent to everything.

"I don't need to, Ben. He is my mate." I say.

Several audible gasps ensue after my statement.

I know the situation and I need to leave now.

"Boys I love you okay." I say kissing the tops' of their heads, "listen to your father and cherish your mother."

They stand obediently at their father's side confused.

"Madison, take care of Ben for Sarah. He will need you and so will Tom and Jack." I state firmly.

She runs up to me and hugs me. My surprise is quite evident but instincts soon kick in and I hug her back.

"Thank you." She breathes.
I appreciate her gratitude to me, it wasn't often that I received it but nonetheless it was still there.

She releases me and glances nervously between myself and Gideon.

"Ben-" I started.

"Maya you should rethink this?" Ben says to me.

"I never really had a choice,Ben." I state calmly. He knows this, what's wrong with him. "I have been chosen and I accept my fate. It's all I have ever done. Stick to what you have in front of you and leave me out of it."

I feel a familiar rush of air and those in front of me take a measured step back. He breathes heavily behind me. My nervousness returns.

"We'll be leaving now." I turn on my heel successfully avoiding contact with Gideon and trudge off.

I wanted to wish Elaine a successful birth in the future but I am most certain that I will never be welcome amongst the people I was born with ever again.


I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my story. Watching the videos have been very helpful in kind of organizing myself and encouraging me to continue writing. I have discovered that I am "pantser" so hopefully this class will help me kind of mature.

Here is a link if you want to read it on Wattpad:

Thank You 



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