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Citywiky - Making it easy for social innovations to spread

The progress so far:

One simple idea.

The world today is in possession of amazingly powerful technologies, innovative ideas and dedicated organizations that help to make cities better. Working organizational designs, business models and technological applications have been developed through hard work and many trials and errors. The seed is developed.

The Challenge.
Nobel peace price laureate Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen bank, once said that while the seed is developed for disruptive change, the challenge now is on planting it all over the world and see it grow. In contrast to the corporate world, the diffusion of innovation and technology happens painfully slow for non-profit, social, environmental and other city improving ideas. Or it doesn’t happen at all.

The Strategy.

Citywiky aims to make city improving technologies, ideas and projects as easily to replicate as possible. That will be realized by breaking them into simple step-by-step manuals, publishing online tutorials for tricky aspects of a projects life as well as sharing pre-written code and a wealth of additional resources specifically designed for non-experts. We strive to make it easy for everyone to find, start and support disruptive city innovations.


The (short life of a website)

1. Design

Theme: Elegant Themes - Origin

2. Design

3.Design (The focus of the website was changed from being a Wikipedia like site to providing more in depth content, step-by-step manuals, video tutorials and sharing code.)

"LEGO Pieces Shortlist"

  • Website: Wordpress plus plugins to create most aspects of website
  • Website design: Elegant Themes - Divi
  • Hosting: GoDaddy
  • Form: If form functionality is not sufficient in Weebly or squarspace, Wufoo will be used to receive information from visitors about innovations out there
  • Video: At a later stage an introductory video will be produced using Powtoon
  • Ranking: People should be able to vote for best ideas - maybe FB "like" is enough for the moment
  • Location: The ranking should be differentiated by cities, therefore information about visitor location/origin needs to be integrated at later stage



- Basic Website Design (done)

- Adding first batch of 16 innovations (done)

- Generate 50 unique visitors per day (in progress)

        - campaign

        - Youtube channel

        - Vimeo channel

        - Facebook profile

        - Storify campaign

        - LinkedIn Gruppen

        - Engaging local groups

- Adding second batch of innovations - total 32 innovations (in progress)


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