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City stillness

Look Up -

After watching Trashhand's course I was inspired to capture a "look up" pic especially since I've never attempted one before. This was my frist time out of my comfort zone and it felt pretty dope. 

The Blur -

I work near Rockerfeller and this is my walk to the train every evening. Not sure where the "blurred" guy came from but my intention was to capture the lights from Time Square.  


Portrait -

I walk through Soho often for inspiration. Came across this guy who I thought was interesting and decided to take a pic.

Night -

As I always do, walk through the streets of NYC, I passed a hotel and saw this women walking alone. I decided to capture her because of the pop of color she was wearing and also because she seemed isolated. At the time of taking the photo, i kinda felt isolated as well. The moment was more than just taking a "pic". 

This image has nothing to do with the course but its my fav. I love the shawdows, the colors, the dimensions, and the balance it shows. 


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