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City of Sails

Camera: LG G4 Cameraphone (16 MP, f/1.8, 28 mm, 1/2.6" sensor size)

Overview: Over past couple of years I've moved away from dedicated camera and started shooting exclusively with my cameraphone - which I find is super accessible (in most situations) and people don't react to it as much as when you are shooting with a camera. The drawbacks are that there is no choice of lenses to try and capture a frame from the same spot - if you want to frame it without losing picture quality, you just have to get closer to the subjects.

Here are photos shot with my camera phone and I've resized them to a manageable size so I can upload them here.


Photo-1: Captured this in peak afternoon with harsh sunlight but the lines combined with colour and the subjects at the bottom of the screen made this a magic moment.


Photo 2: It was an overcast and muggy day with a storm forecast. The sun was nowhere in sight but I could see the rain falling towards the distant hills. I walked across a good 1KM capturing frames and was very lucky to finally capture this frame - with a guy on the boat ramp trying to see what the couple in the water were upto.


Photo 3: Overcast conditions with a little of the blue sky still left on the horizon. Managed to find a good angle that captured the patterns of the sails of the boats docked in the harbour. You get a sense of scale by the 2 boaties at the bottom of the screen.


Photo 4: Taken just as magic hour was about to disappear. I took a few shots from the same vantage point but the frame didn't come alive till the lights started coming on and luckily a bird came and sat at the right of the frame.

I still haven't gotten a shot from the highest vantage point yet and will do so over the next couple of weeks, when I go travelling. The class has been really insightful and opened up the mind to possibilities by giving permission to trust your instincts and keep searching for the frame.

Thanks for checking out the project and would appreciate any tips to frame/capture better.



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