City of Los Angeles


The original picture I felt was too bright and I wanted it to have more of a old school kind of LA river look. 


What I did was bring down the exposure a little bit and then the contrast. Then lowered the saturation and messed around with the vignette to make it a bit darker. I also brought out the blue in the sky and it kind of seems like it made the water a little too blue in my opinion, would of liked to make that not look so blueish, but dont know how. 



Went into lightroom and touched up some of the things that I did not like about the original picture. For Example, the sky was slightly blue and the black parts of the photo were not dark enough. I went in and messed around with the tones and then made the light trails a little more clear. Got the shot straight. Also made the shadows pop a little as well. 

All feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated!




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