City of Lights / Big Apple Illustration (based on

After a decade of faking my way through Illustrator, I decided to finally learn how to properly use the tool! 

In less than 1.5 hours of video instruction I am already interacting with Illustrator on a whole new level.

Keyboard shortcuts? So much more efficient. That crazy pen tool that never made sense to me? Love it. Anchor points? Yes please. That panel on the right side of my screen? I understand (and use) it!

I decided to reproduce the conceptually and visually whimsical illustrations by Vahram Muratyan. As a francophile who (sometimes) dreams of living in New York, his collection of illustrations for Paris vs New York delight me (you can buy his art prints here!) — and his graphic geometric forms are simple enough for me to replicate as an Illustrator n00b. 

In just under another 1.5 hours, I put my newfound Illustrator skills to use and recreated the basic shapes of “le surnom" representing the City of Light vs. The Big Apple.

The original:

And below captures my process of exploring the three main ways Brad shows us how to build forms: free form, shapes, and strokes & lines.  

Next up: the typography!


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