City of Light

  1. Idea: what are the basics of your project? (jot down a few sentences)

Several years ago, I directed a short Tennessee William's play Talk to Me Like the Rain.  A couple of years later,  I tried to get the rights to make the play into a short film, but was refused the rights.  I decided that I wouldn't be detered, and I wrote my own script inspired by the Tennessee William's play. City of Lights was the result of that effort,  I tried making it into a film with nonprofessionals, but the first days of shooting were so bad that I called off the shoot.

The play covers one evening in the life of a co-dependent couple, a female schizophrenic and her boyfriend alcoholic.  While the idea may seem depressing, their love which ties them together creates a relationship as beautiful as a flawed ruby that can still retain its beauty in color and texture.

  1. Audience(s): who will be most excited about this project? Is there more than one audience?

Several audiences may find this project intriguing: mental health professionals, people who themselves live with a mental illness whether theirs, a friends or someone in their family,  Also students and fans of short independent films may find this project of interest,  Also, writer and professor Steve Womack said the story created an atmosphere reminesent of the works of the late poet Charles Bukowski so fans of Bukowski's writings may also connect with the characters and the message of the film.

  1. Channels: where do these people hang out? What is the best way to reach them?

Mental health professionals can be reached through professional organizations on the internet as well as sights dedicated to mental health such as that at the Mayo Clinic and the Center's for Disease Control.  There are many such sights,  People interested in filmmaking are on  YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus and film production websites,  Finally, those interested in modern avant-guard literature and the works of poets like Bukowski participate in poetry sites, online poetry magazines, Facebook and Google Plus,

  1. Comms Story: what imagery, video, backstory etc. will you include to help sell your idea?
  1. Rewards: what can you give back to your project supporters to make them feel special? 



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