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City of Isolation. A Soldier's View.

So, I'm in an interesting dilemma. I'm nowhere close to home, but I call this place home for a while.

My name is Gonzalo, but I go by Gonz. I'm a Cali-born, Texas-raised individual, but for now, I'm a deployed soldier with the US Army.

My main job here is to maintain and mod UH-60's, better known as the Black Hawk Helicopter.

Between our non-stop, demanding work on the flightline, I manage to find time to dive into my passion.

You guys get a brief look at what I get to call home, and bits of the country I'm currently in.

So, we got a chance to go into our host country, Kuwait, and explore the culture. For the most part, the people here are friendly. Ever since Bush came over here with Desert Storm, the Kuwaiti's have been grateful. They hated Saddam. The only issue was that after we left, it went to shit. Saddam was a bad man, but he was what Kuwait needed. Nobody would fuck with their country, because they knew they would be ok. It was a shitty relationship, and we did what was best over-all, and Kuwait is still ever grateful, and an ally for the time being.

I really liked some of the Kuwaiti's I got to meet, but the coolest people were the immigrants. The "non-kuwaitis." Kuwait is composed of about 80% immigrants. The 20% are actually Kuwaiti's. Just because you were born in Kuwait, does not make you a Kuwaiti. There are people who have lived here their entire life, and still do not have citizenship to the country. Crazy.

Most people think of the middle east and generally speaking, think there's nothing there, which is not the case at all.

This is Kuwait City.

Took a detour to the Arabian Gulf before we went into the city.

Look up shot in the "Avenues"

On my way out of the Avenues.

It's becoming modernized rapidly, with a lot of western culture influence. Many people still stick to the strict religious and cultural "traditions" of the area, but it is catching up with the rest of the world.

The central part of downtown Kuwait City

At night.

Side Note:

Kuwait's inhabitants suck at driving. Driving in Kuwait is the scariest thing I've ever experienced, and I've experienced some really terrifying instances.

This is the best I could do for a portrait. I didn't want to insult the culture. Women generally are ALWAYS being accompanied with a man from the family, and usually lag behind the man. In this instance, I found a woman alone as I was leaving the city. I found it really odd. Plus it's hard communicating with them.

Some man walking right outside one of the main government buildings of Kuwait.

I didn't have much time to spend in the city, but it was a great experience.

Now, for my "city."

It sucks.

It's a small military installation in the most northern part of Kuwait. Isolated from everything. I run the perimeter roads at night daily, and it really is eerie in a way. Just some fences, and sand keeping us "secure"



Flightline in Motion.

No look-ups.

Nothing to look at except for the stars, that is if it isn't clouded over with all the dust and sand.

I apologize for not following the guidelines exactly, but here's my project, and here is my stuff:




Give me a follow, I love meeting new photographers, and discussing everything in and around photgraphy. If you're ever in the Dallas or A&M/BCS area, hit me up!

I hope y'all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think!



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