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City of Angels

You guys have no idea how excited I was when I saw that @itsaliving released a skillshare class!

Omg this whole time I was like how da hell does he do that shading.... now I know how he does that shading lol. Brilliant btw.

I really appreciate the commentary while going through some practice routines. I never thought too much about consistency till now. 


I really loved seeing you do the practice routines. It made me realize that in any craft, you can never forget the basics and fundamentals. One of my own goals now is to develop my own alphabet overtime.



I sketched out a few ideas using 'Los Angeles' but ultimatley knew I wanted a circle in there.


For this project, I decided to get some Krink pens and a glossy black folder! It was my first time using a Krink pen and writing on something other than paper. Quite different for me, but really really fun! 


I cleaned it up a bit with photoshop and also added a subtle shadow. This project was really fun! I'm so happy you created this class to share your wisdom! 

I'll be working on my consistency, and my style a lot more now :D


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