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City of Angels

My name is Brandon, some know me as Joel. Im a 19 yr old photographer from Palmdale, CA but travel down to Los Angeles as much as possible to go shoot and just explore the city. Here are my entries for the assigment.


This portrait was taken at one of the Feguson LA protests. People of all ages and all races coming together fighting for long awaited change.

Motion Blur:

This shot took me a while to get it perfectly. People kept getting in the way or I kept moving the camera too fast but after shooting a handful of trains, I eventually got it.

Look Up Season:


Night Shot:

Got up above for the last shot. Haven't had the chance to explore Los Angeles at night recently so this is an old shot. A buddy from Maryland came down to visit California and really wanted me to show him some rooftops in LA. This was taken while he was sitting, taking some pictures off the edge of the building.


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