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City Sampling

I know the project is quite imperfect, by who knows, maybe i will never make another step. So here are my previous steps.

  1. Get the maps! I used software like this the firs time and have a feel here are some more efficient ways. I got QGIS, I got shapefile and managed (thanks to google) how to take streets and buildings from there to separate pdfs. I know it seems weird but getting all the stuff in one file from opensteetmap gives you a whole ton of time to separate what you need and don’t.


  2. Get the palette! I found a beautiful painting in the Wikipedia (Alexander Square in 1850 by Evgraf Fedorovich Krendovsky) blurred the picture and saved it as a gif with limited palette. Next, I put the file in Color Picking tool. Some tuning and I got i bunch of colors.


  3. Get the assets! I used 3 separate groups of assets. a) letters and digits of Blogger Sans font, b) parts of the streets, c) groups of buildings


  4. Get the code! Actually I found out that the best way is to write and test parts of code while getting previous parts. I used two HGridLayouts for streets and buildings and HPixelColorist for letters. Letters was the first I coded.


  5. Get the picture! I was quite happy with the original output, but spent a hour or so tweaking it inside Adobe Illustrator for better result.


Now I have brand new Facebook cover with my native city remapped.

You can like this project on my tiny blog


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