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Anghelos Coulon

Franco-Greek designer living in China.



City Pride Crest

Instead of making a family crest, I decided to make a crest for my fellow expats living in the Chinese provincial city of Jinan. The city is known for its many, many, many springs (it's also known as "the spring city"), and so I thought I'd replace the laurels by water. I'm still figuring out what is going to be placed in the squares, but we're getting there. I'm also not perfectly set on the fonts I'm going to use!

I've added a few of the city's landmarks (including our new infamous "penis building") and an appellation only used in Shandong province! I'm thinking of adding one of the city's trademark dishes, but I can't think of a way to make it recognizable yet...

Update: I added the area's trademark leek, they grow up to 2m long here! I'm still having trouble with the bottom right corner though. I'll find something eventually.

And here's the final version of the crest, presented à la Fraser Davidson. Ended up taking pride in the fact that our city has been the most polluted city in China for the last few years. The 

Thanks to Aaron for a great class!


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