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The time has come...

... I need to jump on the Illustrator bandwagon!  I experienced all the same feelings in college when my tutor was trying to convince me that Photoshop would be essential to my photography degree (what a naive 18 year old I was, thinking that this boring Photoshop lark would never catch on!...)

You know that feeling when you hear someone speak another language and it all goes staight over the top of your head? That's what I feel right now! It's not ignorance, I just get completely overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF you have to know how to do on a computer nowadays.

Ok I'm being a drama queen and babbling (some people call it procrastinating) so deep breath, here goes nothing!

I've chosen to re-create this illustration I found on Google.  I'm a sucker for romance and travel so thought it would keep me hooked throughout this learning process.  I also considered the shapes to be quite simple which is a necessity as I am an Illustrator virgin...

Here we go then, wish me luck!


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