City Lights

City Lights - student project

City Lights - image 1 - student project

Instagram @alexj_lamb2

Camera: Nikon D3400

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

This was one of my first long exposures I have taken. This was taken June last year on my entry level Nikon D3400. I wanted to capture the hustle and bustle of the city at night from an over bridge which had a direct view of the skyline. In the centre of the frame we have the iconic Sky Tower standing at 328 metres - tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere. As well as light trails of cars through Spaghetti Junction, heading in, out and through the city. 


City Lights - image 2 - student project


First edit - Dark, dull, boring, low contrast. Not a fan of this one.

City Lights - image 3 - student project


Second edit - My favourite edit. Increased the hues with the oranges to give it a neon slightly retro feel. 

City Lights - image 4 - student project


Third edit - Brought down the highlights fully, low contrast, maximised the shadows. Considerably sharpened. Similar to the second edit but have added more greens. Also have reduced the vignetting, this is my favourite setting. 

City Lights - image 5 - student project