City Lights and Traffic Jams

Hi I'm Maria. My project would be the image below 

by Peter Donnelly on Behance

I'll be posting my progress here as soon as possible! :)


** -Questions for Mr. BW (hope you can asnwer my questions..thanks)

STEP 1: Buildings and Lights

I tried experimenting on different tools to achieve this look. I used the PEN tool, ERASER tool, RECTANGLE tool, and the GRADIENT tool.

STEP 2: Moon

I used the ELIPSE tool here, then erased some of the parts here to achieve the imperfect shape of the moon. 

** I had a hard time acheiving the texture of the moon here, so what I did here was I just placed irregular shaped lines. I was wondering if you have any tips for me to achieve the look just like what's on the original print. Thanks :)

Just finsihed the City lights and will start working on the other half will be posting updates soon!!! :)


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