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City Delights

This was the first class that I started to take for learning about surface and pattern design.

It really took me a while to think which theme I would go for. I love a lot of motifs and I was overwhelmed by so many choices. I started to think what I love in my life, and home decor came into my mind shortly. I love home decor and enjoy window shopping of small decorative stuffs in the stores all the time. I always imagine one day I can have my own design applied to my household products. I hope my designs can recall my past life and bring me some memories.

I set up my topic of my first collection is CITY DELIGHTS. When I was single, I often moved from one city to another. Every time I got to a new city, I loved to drive my car for exploration. Sometimes I loved to take a walk and took a slow pace to see details of the city. Except shopping different unique stores, I enjoyed the beauty of architecture – the details, the geometric lines and shapes, the iron wrought windows or doors, and so on. That's where I started this pattern project. There are many details which I can explore for this collection. But for this mini collection as a start, I consider to narrow down to one or two concepts and maybe in the future I can develop more collections from this one. 

Here is the paragraph for this collection name CITY DELIGHTS:

Set yourself free to explore the city. Enjoy finding the beauty of the city. Walking with feet, riding with bike, or driving with car would give you different ways of seeing your city. No shopping but looking the buildings carefully this time. You will find their attractive characters. Explore the delights from your city, even they are quite small.








Below are my 6 patterns for this mini collection of CITY DELIGHTS, and I made a mockup for applying them on the home decor:


And six patterns for the iPhone. My iPhone 5 case is broken, I do hope I can print one of my design to replace it.


My design started from my doodling and my quite rough sketching, which helped me catch my ideas quickly. The sources are quite abroad. They are from the Goole images, my memories and my creativities. I usually spent more time in working on Illustrator instead of detailed sketching. Most of time I started to worked on Illustrator based on my sketches, but I often changed my design while working on the computer. I think that’s just me. Maybe I should change my habit and spend more time on sketching. ‘Cause I do adore some people who can do neat and detailed sketches before they start a project. 




I am quite new on pattern design. Welcome to give me any comments and suggestions. 

And I do love this class which gives me an overview of pattern design and thank for Bonnie’s encouragement for the beginners. You give me a hope to be a pattern designer.


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