Citrus and Watermelon

Citrus and Watermelon - student project

I had great fun learning how to produce these images and cant wait to make some of my own composition. I really enjoy the way we used lots of colours to saturate the palate and make the leaves and florals so dynamic!

Here is one image that I photographed and then cleaned up in my iPhone Photoleap app. 

Citrus and Watermelon - image 1 - student project

And here is the same image after it dried without any cleanup. My watercolour paper bled a lot, hence why I needed to clean up the image so much. 

Citrus and Watermelon - image 2 - student project


Here is my watermelon one too. This is dried and not digitally edited at all:

Citrus and Watermelon - image 3 - student project


All round a great project. I wanted to do the others but wanted to share my projects before the end of July :) I will still do the others for the great practice and inspiration they provide.

Thanks Cat for another great class!

Michelle Lloyd
Veterinarian, artist and plant enthusiast