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Tessa Cheung




Citrus Repeat Pattern

Thanks Elizabeth for a well-explained and detailed class! I can see why it is so popular. Sadly I found out that I'm not eligible for the Spring Challenge as I don't live the US, but I'm glad that it led to me discovering this class as it was really useful to learn about pattern production in Illustrator.

I'm very food oriented, so my first few ideas were food items (among a couple of others). I decided on a variety of citrus fruits and peels as it would make for a bright and cheerful pattern.





First tile:


My first tile had a pattern fill that I created myself, but I had created the fill pattern from a textured stroke and it was quite large. As a result the final tile was made up of a lot of points and it was very, very slow to manipulate it! I managed to save it as a jpeg and tile it in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) using the tone creation feature as there was no way I could have done it using Illustrator via Elizabeth's method. Here's the pattern in use on an original character, created in Clip Studio:


I wanted to created a finished, client-ready file as Elizabeth had demonstrated though so I changed the fill to a regular solid fill. This is the second tile:


And this is my final citrus repeat pattern:



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