Citrus & Blossoms

Citrus & Blossoms - student project

Citrus & Blossoms - image 1 - student projectI absolutely loved painting this arrangement.  The color combination attracted me first because the teal blues are my favorite colors.  This is the fifth watercolor that I have ever painted,  so still learning.   Let me just say, paper matters.  All of the little jagged leaks that you see on the orange slices was painted with liquid watercolor, wet on dry.  After seeing what was happening I decided to try wet on wet for the solid orange. That worked out better.  I know it's the paper because all of my practice was done on a different/better quality paper and I didn't have any of those issues.  Overall it came out pretty good considering the paper issues.  Lesson learned.  JoCitrus & Blossoms - image 2 - student project