Citrus Blooms

Citrus Blooms - student project

I have always love patterns even when I was a kid. Poka dots, Strips, and even spider webs had a pattern. I really enjoyed taking this class. I just got my iPad and Procreate at the beginning of the year and still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles on it.

I learned a lot from CatCoq she takes each step and breaks it down into a video. She explains it so that you could follow her or be brave and try it with a twist of your own. Either way, it was easy to follow.

 Now every class there is a difficult point or if it wasn't we why take a class if you're not going to learn something. It wasn't Catcoq fault. Mine was the 3 finger swipe. Ipad should have a button at the bottom like the Copy and Paste so that you just click on it. Sometimes people may have difficulty doing it. My 3 fingers don't lay flat sometimes due to getting bit by a horse on the hand that is my dominant one. LoL. I had that dotted line going every which way. I tried even changing the gestures. But can't seem to figure it. If anyone has an idea I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for all the help Catcoq. I am looking forward to the other classes. I have to play catch up on a few it has been a while since me taking classes.

Citrus Blooms - image 1 - student project


Citrus Blooms - image 2 - student project