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Jessie Svet

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Full Disclosure: I'm as green as green gets :)

I chose the oscar winning documentary of the year: citizenfour  I want to play with the idea of transparency and secrecy, maybe by incorporating a refelction on the screen or showing the real world next to the digital world. Im also hoping that the laptop is an easy object to play with using shape layers. 


  • laptop computer
  • glasses
  • facial hair
  • unbuttoned shirt
  • password/ key code
  • programming
  • data collection
  • govt secrecy
  • govt transparency
  • whistle blower

Reference images:



Storyboard Idea: 

  • X black screen
  • X line to rectangle to laptop(polygon)
  •    open the laptop STUCK HERE!!
  •    zoom to screen with screen frame as the border and reflection of snowden*
  •    hand covers camera with black tape
  •    zoom in to black screen
  •    cursor blinking
  •    type citizenfour (Should take Kenetic Type class first)
  •    highlight it
  •    delete it
  •    cursor blinking
  •    black screen 

Art for reflection of snowden completed :D Pretty happy with it. 


Ok... I definitely bit off more than I can chew here. I've only made it 1 second in and I'm totally stumped. As much as I want to push through, I'm going to take some of your beginner classes and come back to this when I have the experience to actually complete it without throwing my computer out the window. 

It should open like the lid of a laptop next, but every time I try to do that, it changes the position of the lid piece throughout the entire video. Clearly, I need to cover some basics, but when I got that tilt to work, I was estatic! 



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