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Christie Wright

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Citizen Kane

I've never seen Citizen Kane but I was reminded again this morning that it's constantly on everybody's top lists for best movies ever made. Seems worthy of responsive landing page.

The designed landing page in mobile portrait, tablet and standard...

Standard and wide...
Even more white space between elements.

Space is opened up a bit more and there is some additional content that takes advantage of a larger screen size and more columns. 


Citizen Kane 

  • Navigation
  • Intro/Logo
  • Trailer/Video 
    • Other films by Orsen Wells
    • Where to rent/see/download
  • Actors/Characters
  • maybe a sentence or two about what they went on to do)
  • Iconic images/Posters
  • Famous people talking about Citzen Kane / What it influenced / Recent references
  • Who's best movie ever lists does it top?
  • Share buttons / I just searched twitter and it might be funny to have a feed of what people are saying about Citzen Kane today.
  • Footer


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