Citius, altius, fortius

12/01 - I'm starting to record this about 4 months into the trip. After doing 30 minutes of cardio every day for 30 days in September 2012 and not seeing any positive change in my body, I decided I needed to change the way I exercised, and started lifting weights.

Despite getting good numbers and seeing good progress in the gym, I still feel my physical progress has not been amazing, so wanted to take this class to see if learning more about nutrition and setting more goals.

My initial goals are 100kg deadlift, do sets of at least 5 pull ups and to be able to see my abs.

So, my weight programme generally looks like this, but varies depending on what I feel like doing on the day:

  • Monday - Back
  • Tuesday - Biceps and triceps
  • Wednesday - Light leg training, more high reps
  • Thursday - Chest and triceps
  • Friday - Back and biceps
  • Saturday - Heavy legs
  • Sunday - Shoulders

I usually do 10 minutes of cardio per day, and add swimming and yoga in when I can.

One positive change in terms of workouts I am going to make starting today, is to add 10 minutes of stretching on to the end of every workout, especially hamstrings to help with my deadllifts.

 In terms of diet, I am aware I probably don't get enough calories in a day for the amount of training I do, and a lot of it comes from sugar. One positive change I am going to make for diet is to eat three meals a day with protein and carbohydrates, and two snacks.

14/01 -  Well it's my birthday today, and so much for trying to eat clean, this day has been a mess. It made me realise yet again how much of a difference eating well can make to my mood and the way I'm feeling! I just need to remember that this is how I feel once I've had a sugar overload and how much better I've felt when I've been eating properly. 

So to help me with this, I'm going to start a food diary, nothing serious, just jotting down what I eat, if I have to face it later, maybe I'll be careful what I snack on during the day. Let's see how this goes!


Well I don't know what was in all that food yesterday, but I hit an 80kg PB O(PR) on my deadlifts today. One rep max, but I did it twice just to check! I know I could have gone heavier, but I like leaving a workout knowing that I'm stronger than I proved and can go havier next time. I'm so proud of this!

I have come to think a lot of lifting comes from self  belief. Once I know in my mind that for me, lifting a weight is possible, it is much easier to get my body to follow through with it. I need to get in the zone, focus hard, and once I've felt the strength needed to go through with the lift, actually completing it is secondary. 

For those who want to follow me on Fitocracy my username is xoxAJVxox.


I've been trying out a new gym a bit recently, not seeing the same gains a I have been overall. Still going up in some thing,s but not so much in others. One thing that has changed is my eating, I'm getting much better at three meals plus snacks. It helped finding a good food plan in a Muscle and Fitness magazine, it's supposed to be for someone bulking, but I've really found following it has been a lot more rewarding than just eating as I go through my day. I missed a gym session today but instead of not doing anything I did some core- 10 sets of planks held for 1 minute each, 3 sets of 10 leg raises, 3 sets of 20 crunches and 10 full bridges. I feel like I've had a bit of a workout even though I didn't get to the gym. I have also started running a bit, I'm running at 7km race on 17 February, so trying to get a few more runs in. I've also started wearing my gym gear to work and getting changed there so I walked to and from work, which has been really good.


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