Cities and Landscapes

Cities and Landscapes - student project

Hello everyone, I'm Vincent Sevilla, a graphic designer and travel junkie.

I would like to create a review website of cities and landscapes all around the would. The reason why I want to build a review website for cities and other tourist spot. Because, most of the review sites across the web are not that reliable and informative. Also most of them are hard to use or not easy to navigate their website. That's why I would love to create one that's reliable for travelers and people always using web or mobile apps as their maps, review or tool for travel guides.

I have research enough that wordpress is one of the simple and easy platform to use to create your own website without using codes. There are themes and useful plugins to optimize your website out there. Also I don't have any web hosting yet, but I saw this website review web hositing servers (HostingFacts) and it's updated and a good go to website for web hosting reviews.

Vincent Sevilla
Isn't it awesome to learn new stuff everyday?