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Citadel Clothing Company

Citadel Clothing Company

A citadel is the fortified heart of a city. It is a defensive core symbolizing strength and dignity that instils a sense of security and comfort to everyone in its presence.

Citadel Clothing Company was built on these values.

The Logo

The place call we home is the city of Halifax, Canada. Growing up here we have been raised under the icon of our city, The Citadel. 


Drawing inspiration from our roots we used The Citadel, the fortress of our city as the starting point of the brand. Every city has its heart, its core, its own citadel. 


The Citadel Clothing Company Turret logo is a simplistic, clean take on the fortress above. 

The Brand


Living in a culture that is constantly feinforcing a sense of fear, inadequacy and guilt, Citadel aims to uplift the individual by celebrating uniqueness and presenting clothing that nutures a confidence unbreakable by the pressures of society.


Citadel Clothing Company was started by three young visionaries who were comitted to creating high quality goods with an emphasis on supporting local manufacturers. Citadel's handmade pieces are skillfully crafted in limited quantities, reminding us of the humanity involved in production and prompting us to slow down and appreicate life and all its subtleties.


By recognizing the craftsmanship put into each piece, every collection that bares the Citadel logo aspires to be a gentle reminder to live life with purpose, humility and appreciation.


The Shirt: Citadel Applique shirt


The Turret Applique are not only all one of a kind, but every aspect of their production from the sewing of labels to the stitching of the appliqués is done in locally in Halifax, Canada. 

Having our vision finally come to life was one of the more rewarding milestones of this project. The entire creation process itself provided many valuable lessons of design, costing and supply chain.

We sought out to create a quality, unique product with the Turret Applique shirts. In order to bring this vision to life we needed to source fabrics for each unique applique and find a local seamstress that would be able to produce these shirts for us. 

When we started Citadel Clothing Company, this is the product that we had envisioned. The hand-stitched appliqué brings our logo to life with 4 different custom fabrics: Floral, Marble, Copper, and French Jouy. 

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