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Cirrus SR-22 Aircraft Safety Card

Let's get general!

I'm a trained general aviation pilot licensed to fly single-engine aircraft. My family owns a Cirrus SR-22 GTS single engine, four seater, low wing aircraft. It's a blast to fly and I'm wanted to use this aircraft because:

  • the card will be directly useful for ourselves and passengers
  • every example in the course materials is for large, commercial aircraft
  • provide an alternative to the Cirrus safety card
  • sell it on my dad's flight training page: Personal Wings


Since I'm dealing with General Aviation passengers, and not commercial, there are actually more steps and greater passenger participation with emergency situations.

Due to the smaller aircraft sizes, a passenger is within direct reach of radios, emergency equipment, and unfortunately, pilots are often "incapacitated" in emergency landings so passengers need to be fully informed in order to survive.

Here are some helpful links I found in my research:

Next Steps

I'm going to collect some more information from our plane's existing briefing documentation/resources and will compile a checklist of things to include and address in the briefing/emergency checklist.

This one will be a bit more exhaustive that commercial airlines since we'll be covering survival tips, radio communications, and proper pilot/passenger communications and responsibilities.

Looking forward to the process!


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