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Cirque Du Sheep

I really enjoyed Elizabeth's course. It was very clear and easy to follow. I loved her approach of just going for it and playing with composition and colour. I love patterns but have always been a little daunted by creating the repeats for them and Elizabeth's tips were very easy to follow and worked seamlessly! 

For my project I wanted to do something with sheep, being the chinese Year of the Sheep / Ram coming up. I have always also loved the playfulness of a circus themed pattern so I decided to combine the two! I started with lots of sketches of sheeps in different styles and finally settled on one which i thought would work in vector.

I did a whole bunch of sketches of sheep doing all kinds funny circus poses like balancing on a unicycle, bouncing on a pogo stick, sheep tied to a bunch of balloons floating around, sheep being shot out of a cannonball (my favourite!) and also the Black sheep who was the one that lit the cannonball in the first place! I also drew a bunch of little icons, like popcorn, toffee apples, arrows, stars so I could play with peppering them throughout the composition. 

After i was happy with the composition, I started playing with colour, going down a soft pastel blue palette to start with.

I thought maybe the color palette was too safe, and predictible so i went with something a little bit more bold which i think kinda reflects these crazy sheep a little bit more ;-) and ended up with a more purple palette:

I added a bit more texture in the back in the last minute and was so happy with that texture as it took a while to get it all to repeat! I have entered my pattern into the spoonflower contest this week! You just never know right? There are lots of wonderful sheep patterns there! Thank you Elizabeth for a fab and inspiring course!

Would love some feedback and also with the colour,... do you think its too wacky bold in the end to be commercial? I just added a mock up!!! One can dream right?!!! Thank you for having a look!

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