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Circus elephant and letter R logo

I chose an elephant because of its distinct features and I felt I wouldn't struggle so much with form and shape. My goal was to create a simple mark that was easy to replicate and scalable as well as appear fun, warm, and friendly.

My moodboard consisted of different profiles of the elephant such as side view, front view, three-quarters view, standing, walking and in the water.


After some sketches, I noticed most my marks (or all) consisted of the head and profile of the body. I was focusing on the head because the elephants features were so easily recognizable such as the size of the head, the trunk, and the tusks. I experimented in many ways to show form of the trunk such as twisting and curling as well as the ears as a negative shape.


After failed attempts of designing the elephant, I looked for other sources that also portrayed the elephant. I came across the elephant bathing itself and in a circus act. I liked the connection between the rotund form of the ball and elephant. I felt the relationship between the ball and elephant could provide an element of playfulness and could make the mark energetic. 

88c92e08 in a different direction in sketches with elephant in circus...I wanted to have negative shapes come into play with the mark so I used the white of the ball to merge into the space under the elephant/between legs, and to break up the solid shape

....and this is what I came up with.


....time to vectorize this bad boy, kids!...

1-color black


1-color grey






After creating the mark, I design the logotype to reflect the round shapes. Letters 'h' and 'u' were merged to mimick the upturned trunk.

logo w/ type black


logo w/ type grey


logo w/ type color


After the animal logo, I decided to take a stab at making a logo 'R' based off my first name. I waned to focus on simple geometry, equal amount of black and white, interaction between negative and positive shapes and overlapping shapes.


I ended up choosing the first 'R' on row 6. I felt that it had nice amount of black and white and an interesting how the tail of the 'R' goes through the counter of the 'R'

1-color black


1-color white/reversed-out


1-color grey




had fun designing logo in a short time frame.


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