Circus character development

Circus character development - student project

Here is stage one of my characters - the basic shapes.

I am going for a thin,agile chinese acrobat, to start with. You know, the types that can wind their legs around their necks!

My second one will be a big lumbering sad sack clown, who, despite being on the large side, manages to wear oversize clothes.

My third character will be a dwarf. I still have to decide if it will be male or female, and what sort of character. I am going to mull that one over a while. I have the basic shape though.

Circus character development - image 1 - student project

Have worked out the Chinese acrobat in pencil, and have started the clown. I will add the next stage when I am a bit further.

Circus character development - image 2 - student project

Tracy Kremer
Freehand illustration