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Allan Michael

Creative Director and Founder of Digitano Media



Circus Performing Techniques Video Series

Ever seen a Cirque de Soleil performance? Ever stared in awe at the wondrous ability of an acrobatic performer? Ever seen someone do a handstand on the beach and wish you could to? Do you think that's impossible? Do you think you're not fit enough, not young enough?

Even the best performers didn't start doing handstands when they were 6 months old. 

To be a great performer they found focus, determination, strength and patience. They found a teacher to guide them on their journey of physical development.

By using high quality video, we can show this journey in slow motion and with graphics overlays so even a beginner can understand.

Let us show you how the professionals do it. With our talented team of international circus performers, we'll show you a detailed analysis of how the most basic or most advanced tricks are peroformed, step by step. 


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