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Katharina Netolitzky

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Circus Girl

Hey :)

I stumbeld over this class a couple of days ago and thought it might be interesting to see how Charlie explains her workflow.

I usually work in a very different style but I enjoy participating in this class a lot nevertheless.

My theme is Circus Artist Girl. Here is my progress so far:

My (clumsy) thumbs:

Some lines to define the poses:

More work on some poses:

I decided to work on these five a bit further:

I aked a friend which one he liked most and he chose the juggler (damn..... she has the most difficult pose), so I made variations for her:

More variations:

Now I'm ready to beginn to render everything out nicely :) that probaly will take forever and will never look even a bit as amazing a Charlie's but I'll try:

I hope, that was interesting for you. I would really appreciate some critics if you think something isn't right yet (for example the anatomy).

bye bye



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