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Circus Cerceau


My theme is circus and I chose a hoop gymnast as my character. 

I have starters fear when it comes to drawing fictional characters so I chose one I hadn’t thought too much about. I felt just by drawing out these thumbnails I got a way better idea of who the character is.

I find drawing full length characters intimidating but the silhouette approach (after some terrible tries) really seemed to loosen me up. They don’t have to be perfect and they are just ideas to get me started. Also mucking about gave me three different ideas for her hair style. I will definitely start using this process forever!

The advice is incredible thank you so much! I Tried to push myself with some other silhouettes and also some different styles and to suggest a little more with brush strokes (not sure about some of them but it was good to get out of the comfort zone!)

Now here is where im a little stuck (im the slowest person in the universe and even slower when using photoshop!)

anyhoo, I chose three to refine and im feeling a little stuck. So im taking a break from painting and drawing and having a little look at cool quirky circus style like Cirque du soliel (thanks

Alberto González !) and victorian style too. The hair so far is all wrong she has curly hair i dunno what im at with this pony tail jazz! I'll fix that! 

I really want some sort of stripes for the costume but awesome stripes!! So far I know its way too bland, I want to push it alot further!

work is going slow but I changed which characters to refine and tried to play around with costume a bit more but still a good bit to go. any suggestions on which one I should do variations of? 


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