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Anna Puchalski

Scary, weird and cute



Circular warriors for the 30 day Illustration Session

I picked a circle, because I like big, soft shapes when drawing and thought it might be fun to use that to make an imposing or scary character. I chose warrior for occupation and weapon which should have been sword, but I was still thinking about my character carrying an ax or a gun. 

I love 70's "baby cart" films, so when I was working through my options I flat out drew Wakayama Tomisaburo, but as he's actually playing a character from a comic book that was me being silly. He had the best hair!


I liked the gunslinger crocodile but didn't feel like he had enough of a soft edge. The bear basically has the same body shape but with more circular feeling. And anyway, the kilt is neat, right? 

For reference I pulled a bunch of images of characters that had a really nice, round, geometric feel to them. I think it's a pretty diverse selection... though I have to admit it's also pretty representative of my bookshelf. 


For my final character I ended up drawing two. I was still pretty taken by my Wakayama doodle so I drew him as a red panda. They're usually depicted as being teddy bear like, so the warrior pose and glowering expression appealed to me. They have big round heads and their stature kind of looks like Wakayama's anyway. The bear didn't change that much from the initial doodle. I think he speaks for himself. Even with the elongated face, his ears and body retain the sphere, I think? 



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