Circular Reasoning


My project took root in a set of 9 8" painted wooden disks that I purchased some time ago from the Etsy Shop of AmyGiacomelli.  I loved the rich colors of the circles and they evoked images of the rings of a tree trunk. My husband recently had the circles framed and I enjoyed choosing mat colors that would harmonize with the colors in the circles and with each other. I had been intending to rework the logo for my printing company and I wanted to use a circle in the logo. I wanted the new logo to be dynamic such that I could change out the circular image. I had digitized several of the circles I purchased from Amy and had selected my typeface when I started Jessica's class.  The typeface is Core G, which I selected for its very geometic lines. Different weights allowed me to emphasize the name of the company, but the lighter weight for the initial letter "C" balanced nicely with the circle inside of the letter.


I replaced the original colors in four of my digitized circles, using the assigned colors from the four seasonal palettes. I then centered the circle in the logo text and resized the type in both a stacked and banner form.  Here are my four completed color logos.


I struggled to find the hex codes for the sample palettes and I think that my "Autumn" came from the codes for the daily palette instead of the selected Autum palette. I definitely missed that brilliant orange color. I love the ways that the inspirations keep building. I now have a new Pinterest page titled "Circular Reasoning" where I'll collect circular motifs for future projects and I'm thinking about adding a Circular Reasoning blog to the Curry Printing web site. I'll definitely be updating that site with the new logo and I'm wondering if I can write a script that pulls in Jessica's palette of the day and reinterprets it as the colors in my logo.



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