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Circular Logo

Hi All,

This was my very first attempt to design a logo after learning the process of designing a logo step by step. I started with a circle with a really thick border. I wanted to keep it clean and minimal. I realized that since I can not play with shape or color I can play with thickness of border. I tried a lot of combinations with different thickness of borders - keeping centres aligned horizontally. It did not quite looked good. Then I tried placing the centres diagonally in a straight line while stacking on each other.It did the trick.

Designing a logo with just a single shape and black and white color was a challenge. My understanding after this project is first you have to find out the aspects of a design which you cant change and then experiment with the variables. It gives a dircetion to design process.I think my final logo looks clean and geometrically balanced.Your feedback will be very welcome.

Thank you.


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