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Circle + Line Pattern

I started with a simple sketch of some circles and lines, then edited it in Photoshop to make the lines bolder and add color. I also attempted a Wind filter to get an Ikat look, but due to the amount of space between objects, it is not very visible. Some of the smaller circles that look smeared are due to this. I also cut and re-arranged my sketch in Photoshop, since I do not have the appropriate tools and I planned to color the sketch in Photoshop. My favorite colorways are #1 and #4. 

Below, I have included 2 Living Room examples. I like the whimsy of the first, where the pattern is very large. As you can see in the second example, in which I used a smaller size, the repeat is very visible. I do not know how to fix this, except by perhaps getting rid of the lines and either including less elements or more in the original pattern. Any other ways to make it look less repetitive?


Colorway 0:

Colorway 1:

Colorway 2:

Colorway 3:

Colorway 4:

Living Room 1:

Living Room 2:


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