Alex Rivera

Graphic Artist



Circa Survive & Minus The Bear - Waves Overhead Tour

Two of my most later inspirations as an artist and musician have joined forces and announced a tour together. Unfortunately, it's only an eastcoast tour. I'm currently located in San Diego, Ca and would have loved to watch and listen to Circa Survive and Minus the Bear on the same night, in the same room.

To me, these two bands' music translates into an image floating, organic art with vibrant colors and shapes. Their music consists of spacey guitars and experimental rythyms which give off a euphoric mood when listened to.

Random imagery inspiration keywords: Trees, lightbulbs, staricase, hot air balloon, organic shapes, faces, roots. 

Based off the imagery these words brought to me I went ahead and sketched up some ideas. I loved the idea of a floating tree, maybe hot-air-balloon-esque as it's constantly rising until it reaches a resting point. I don't want it to be an ordinary tree, so the idea of including a human heart came into play. The tree's branches may form the shape of a human heart or maybe "cage" a literal human heart. The idea is still up in the air!


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