Cinematic Lighting at Home

Cinematic Lighting at Home - student project

I've been able to put Oren's teachings to use even while quarantined at home—a big upgrade for my many Zooms and FaceTimes! I found the "Working with Natural Light" lesson especially helpful for figuring out how to position myself relative to my window, in order to use it as a fill and balance out the ambient light in my living room. 

Before vs. after applying the principles from the class:

Cinematic Lighting at Home - image 1 - student project

Beyond my personal takeaways, this class has made a real impact on the whole production team at Skillshare. One of the absolute best parts of my job as a Content Producer here is (of course) getting to learn from our teachers! Working with Oren to capture this class gave our entire crew another perspective on lighting, framing, and cinematic storytelling. Since then, we've incorporated Oren's lessons in some of the other classes you may have seen on Skillshare. They're not necessarily huge adjustments, but ways of streamlining that allow us to be more intentional with the way we setup shots to support the subject matter.

Neutral/commercial look for an all-levels creativity class meant to feel inviting and inspiring (Visual Journaling: Drawing Your Feelings):

Cinematic Lighting at Home - image 2 - student project

Moody/cinematic look for a street photography class that's meant to feel cool and urban (Street Photography: Unlock the Secrets of Composition, Color & Confidence):

Cinematic Lighting at Home - image 3 - student project

At some point during this quarantine I hope to shoot some vlog content on my DSLR, and can't wait to put more of these cinematic techniques into practice!

Obreanna McReynolds

Executive Producer @ Skillshare