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Cindy's Rings

I'm glad to see I have MOST the tools needed for this class. I don't know if I have a good enough cutter, but do have a jeweler's saw. Since I'm not making a ton of rings, I suppose that'll do for now! The main things I need are the rawhide mallet and spoons. There's an antique mall near me, so if they're open today I'll try there. Maybe I can get a cool old spoon from my mom... I know she has random old dishes stashed around her house. 


So, this is what I decided to try. It's a plated teaspoon made in Japan. 

But... I feel like all the spoon handles are so wide! Is this an appropriate size compared to my fingers, or should a look for a more narrow handle?


I cut the bowl from the handle, with my ghetto set up. It felt nice to use the jeweler's saw again, as tedious as they are! 


I bought a rawhide mallet and ring mandrel today. I have a braclet mandrel, and was going to make a cuff since my handle is kind of wide, but decided to try for a thumb spoon ring. I was about to start shaping thr ring, but think I may be getting ahead of myself, so stopped by to make sure I was caught up on video lessons. 


Having a lot of trouble bending this spoon. I found my dad had a bench grinder and bolt cutters, cut down the handle more and grinded it again, since I couldn't get more than an L bend on the first try. Now I'm still getting that L bend, and also saw I'm marring the design. Guess my cloth on the vice wasn't sufficient. I stopped for a bit to go work on making the various Christmas gifts I need to make. Maybe I'll go back again tomorrow and see if I can get the curve working. 

the videos make the shaping look so easy... Maybe my spoon isn't as malleable or it just takes some more practice to get down. 


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